>> “The best therapy is surrounding yourself with people who make you laugh. My sisters—especially my older sister Katie—and my close friends and my boyfriend make everything seem funny. My ideal day would be hanging out with people I love, swimming, laughing and barbecuing.”

>> “Once in a while, you have to give in to a craving for an In-N-Out Burger.”

>> “I think my skin and hair look better from drinking lots of juices.

>> “My evil Emily look is called The Croc, for crocodile. I don’t make that face in my daily life—well, maybe a little!”

>> “I’ve been dancing my entire life. Jazz, hip hop, ballet. And then there’s tap dancing. I love to tap. My ultimate dream is to do a musical like ‘Singin’ in the Rain.'”

>> “If I could meet anybody in the whole world, dead or alive, it would be Audrey Hepburn. She is my idol. I’ve been watching her movies since I was a little kid”

>> “I met Meryl Streep at an Oscar party. She was just so graceful, beautiful, and kind. I couldn’t not say hello. But I was so anxious,”

>> “I’ve been fortunate—I’ve had great relationships. Well, there was one not-so-good one, but I probably learned the most from it. It’s important to explore, because someday you will find the person who completes the equation. When you’re that in love, you want to gush to the world! But I gush to my family and friends instead. No one should jump on the couch on TV—ever.”

>> “It’s about balance. If I’m showing a lot of leg, I’ll put on my leather jacket to be more covered up. If you’re not sure, ask your girlfriends. I tried on a red dress recently, and the girls were like, ‘No, you can’t wear that!’ Of course, when I asked some guy friends, they were like, ‘It’s great! You have to wear it!'”