CA: Civil War LA Premiere – Update

Many pics of Ems at the Captain America: Civil War – Los Angeles Premiere have been added. We also added some pics of Ems, Josh and Eugene arriving at the premiere.

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Captain America: CW – On the set

Emily started filming Captain America: Civil War in Atlanta on monday. Added first on the Set pics into the gallery:

Since we promised to upload an exclusive outtake for 29 new follower (check previous post), you can already check out 2 of those pics. Keep following us and we’ll upload more :)

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“Four years is a wonderful amount of time to do a TV show”

To say that a lot’s happened on Revenge would be an understatement. The scorching-hot show about a dish best served cold saw Emily VanCamp spend four years as Amanda Clarkeas Emily Thorne, plotting and scheming and pursuing her complicated agenda against the mighty Grayson family. And with the show ending Sunday, May 10, at 10 p.m. ET, Emily—VanCamp, that is, not Thorne—talked to EW about ending the series after four seasons, handling her character’s final moves (no, she’s not telling whether she survives the show), and gearing up for her next project: Captain America: Civil War.

What was it like filming your final scene? Did you know by then that it would be your last one for the show?
My last scene was with Gabriel [Mann] and Nick [Wechsler], and they’re two of my very, very close friends. At that point we weren’t completely sure, which is kind of a bummer because it would have been nice to know that we were playing these characters for the last time—they’re so special to us. But at the same time, it’s almost nice that we didn’t know because it would have been almost unbearable to get through.

What were your thoughts when you heard this would be the series finale?
Well, it had been talked about a lot over the course of this season because we all knew, at a certain point, [Emily] has to get her revenge. So it was always a discussion as to how many episodes we could actually draw out of this story without disrespecting the fans and drawing it out so long that it becomes uninteresting, you know?

I think we did a really fantastic job of wrapping up the story within four seasons, and it just sort of felt like, well, if we come back, it’s going to have to be something totally different. I’m kind of happy that ABC allowed us to end this thing without keeping us in limbo. It’s a much nicer way to end.

So four seasons felt like enough?
Four years is a wonderful amount of time to do a TV show. Four’s been my lucky number: [I did] four seasons of Everwood, of Brothers & Sisters, of Revenge. You don’t have time to get sick of it, but you get to really flesh out these characters and develop them over a long period of time. I was always really happy with four.

What did you and the cast do when you found out? Did you call up Gabriel and Nick?
Oh yeah, we have several group feeds going, so you know, sending pictures of seasons 1, 2, and 3 back and forth. I think Gabriel sent 20 pictures to us. [Laughs] We were definitely going through the emotions of it all, but I think it’s bittersweet.

Do you think the finale will provide closure for fans?
Yeah, I do. I’ll put it this way: I think they’ll be satisfied. I think a couple of things happen that they’ve been waiting for for a long time. In the grand scheme of Revenge, I feel like we exhausted all of the different story possibilties. I think we’re ending in a good place, and I think it’s time to move on, as sad as that is.

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